Friday, August 27, 2010

Child Bible Lessons Site

This site has loads of ideas for teaching Bible lessons to children. This is a great resource not just for homeschoolers, but for those teaching in kid's church, Sunday school, VBS, etc.

To view this site and others, please visit the following page:

*New sites are added to the top of each subject page.*


Cathy said...

Is this suppose to link to a page? If so, I can't get the link to work. Thanks in advance for any help!

Mama Jenn said...

Hi Cathy,

To view the site you will need to click on the BIBLE link. All new sites are added to the top of the list on the appropriate page. I edited the post so that the directions are more specific. Hopefully that helps!

tie-dyed doula said...

If my family finds me missing in action, they can find me easily in the computer room, on your sites (all of them!), lost in thought and encouraged with preparation! seriously! I love all that you put out, its taking me forever to go over all of the fabulous things that you write about, links you provide and spiritual guidance in training our children with the love of God. Thank you so much for ALL you do...and finally, one question...HOW DO YOU DO IT?? GIGGLE

shapewear said...

for some strange reason, I cannot access the links on your site. Is our country blocked from your site or something?

Mama Jenn said...

shapeware~ You will need to click on the red "Bible" link in the post. It will then take you to the page with all of the Bible resources. The most recently posted resources are listed at the top. Hope that helps!